To heal after the loss of a loved one, you must first let yourself grieve. The thing about grief, though, is that it’s different for each of us. The length of time that you grieve has no correlation to the loss and pain that you are feeling, nor does it describe the acute pain that you may feel deep down.

Since we all grieve differently, there is no “one size fits all” method of healing. However, there are some ways that, combined with time, can help mend your broken heart and reduce your pain.

Is therapy right for you?

Many people get help from a therapist, either in private sessions or in group therapy. Support groups are another way to heal, getting to know others who are also dealing with grief. Local groups can be found through internet searches, private recommendations or referrals by your physician or minister.

Books may help

One of the problems with grief is understanding it. What is normal for one person is totally different for another. If you are asking yourself if what you are feeling is what you should be feeling, perhaps a book can help. Live Happy offers a selection of nine books that help with the grieving process. Check one out from the library, visit your bookstore, buy online or purchase as audiobooks that you can listen to at your leisure.

Speak with your pastor

If you have a priest or pastor, speaking with them may give you some peace and comfort. They may also be able to suggest some Bible verses that you can focus on during this time. You can also check out some uplifting verses here to provide you with solace.

Focus on daily reminders

Uplifting calendars, devotionals or morning prayers may help take your mind, at least momentarily, off of your pain and grief. Positive signage around your home and work and reading positive quotes may add a bit of cushion to your raw emotions.

Practice self-care

Though you are feeling your worst, your health and well-being are essential in order to make it through these tough times. Join a yoga class or take one online. Learn to meditate. Maintain a healthy diet. Get some fresh air. Visit with friends. Your good health is an important part of your total healing.

At Strouf Funeral Home, we understand grief after the loss of a loved one. Though we cannot make the grief disappear, we can honor you and your loved one with quality and dignified funeral and burial services. We offer aftercare services and, if needed, can guide you in the direction of community bereavement resources. Contact us today.