Strouf Funeral Home offers many different services. Our training and experience have prepared us to help, reassure, and understand when a family faces the loss of a loved one.

While we cannot replace your loss, we are here to help you through the confusion with answers to your questions, assistance in making arrangements, helping with legalities and paperwork, as well as personalized planning.

When you depend on Strouf Funeral Home for your loved one’s care, you become part of our family. Think of us as big brothers, helping you through with reassurance and compassion. We are there for you every step of the way.

At Strouf Funeral Home, you will find a gentle atmosphere of dignity, efficiency, and trust. We believe your service choice is a personal decision. We will explain the options available, then allow you to make your own decisions.

We believe greater satisfaction will come to those who carefully consider the value of all of the details in fulfilling their personal needs. We will provide pricing information and disclosures to you before any discussion of funeral goods and services, so they may be used to help you during service considerations.

Traditional Religious Service

Strouf Funeral Home will work with families and their religious leaders to design services that meet the needs of each particular family, while adhering to their religious beliefs. We have conducted services for most major religions and faiths and are prepared to accommodate your specific requirements.

Contemporary Religious Service

Some families desire something other than the traditional religious service: a different style or type of music performed at the service; Scriptures and other readings which may not be what is considered ‘the norm’; or the officiant may not be an ordained minister. Whatever the need, we will fulfill it.


Non–Religious Contemporary Service

While services of this type are not common in our area, we have helped many families in this regard. While not religious in nature, they are nevertheless peaceful, gratifying services that meet the needs of the participants. While often using a facilitator rather than a traditional religious leader, the services follow similar orders of service consisting of music, readings and family members or friends speaking of their relationships with, and their memories of, the deceased. We have staff members who have served as facilitators in this type of service and are available to help, if requested or needed.

Military Rites

Strouf Funeral Home will coordinate the military honors for qualified veterans, regardless of the branch of service. Our long–term relationships with personnel at various military installations oftentimes allow us to secure honors that would otherwise be denied.

Aftercare/Community Services

Strouf Funeral Home is active in aftercare services. We visit families after the services are completed, and keep in touch with them on a periodic schedule, offering to help with insurance, VA, social security, probate court and other matters. When needed, we will help guide family members to appropriate bereavement and support groups available in the community.



Our caskets come from some of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in America, furnishing us with the largest selection available. In design, they range from the simplest to the most ornate. In material, you will be able to choose from wood, steel, copper or bronze. We have on display caskets reflecting a broad range of prices to serve every segment of our community.

Burial Vaults

We have several suppliers of outer burial containers (burial vaults) whose lines vary from the simple to those offering unsurpassed protection.

Cremation Urns

Our urns are available at reasonable prices in a variety of materials including ceramic, wood, acrylic, steel, copper and bronze. Our full-sized urns are designed to hold all of the cremated remains. Keepsake urns are also available to hold a small amount of remains while allowing the rest to be scattered or distributed to loved ones in other keepsake vessels.

We have a selection of cremation jewelry designed to hold a small amount of the cremated remains and worn as a remembrance of a loved one.

Cremation Caskets

For the families choosing cremation who want a traditional visitation/viewing and service, we provide several choices of cremation caskets. Constructed of wood with very little metal, these caskets are designed for the cremation process and are nonpolluting and environmentally friendly.