We talk about almost everything with our loved ones. Whether it be about our career, weekend plans, or something as mundane as what we want for dinner. However, the arrangement of your funeral may be something you are hesitant to talk about. It’s difficult to approach a subject like this as many people still believe that it’s unlucky to make advance plans for death.

As death is an inevitable part of our lives, discussing it with your dearest ones is crucial. Now that you are young and healthy, it might be the best time to discuss the cremation services or burial services you prefer. To discuss choosing Strouf Funeral Home for your funeral with your family, keep reading to find out how you can approach the conversation!

Why Is It Crucial To Discuss Funeral Options With Your Loved One?

Avoiding conversation about funeral plans and death stresses your loved ones when it’s time. So it’s important to talk honestly and openly to support them. 

Most of us may believe that we know everyone in our family in and out. But most of us don’t know what kind of send-off the people closest to us would appreciate. Chances are, you never even consider the options you might prefer for your funeral without having to plan someone else’s funeral.

If you wish to ensure that your loved ones are planning for your passing, conversing about your wishes for your funeral with them is vital. You might think you are too young for this conversation, but it’s never too early to bring this topic up. Discussing your funeral preferences or spouse’s might not be a pleasant conversation. But it will be beneficial.

Delaying these sensitive discussions for too long is never a good idea. It may result in a hurried and forced conversation during difficult times. When it is time, and there is no will or authorized attorney, it will add stress to an already dire situation for your loved ones.

Whether you have a particular funeral in mind or not, your loved ones would want to bury you with respect. So why not spend some time with them talking about your ideas on the subject? If a conversation feels too serious, you can always choose to write it all down.

How To Approach Burial Pre Planning with Your Loved One?

Most couples may feel uncomfortable discussing each other’s burial plans. It can be because it’s an unlucky notion or because thinking of a time without your dear person doesn’t feel right. Either way, it’s necessary to start pre-planning together as soon as you can.

To begin the process of preplanning, you must first gain your spouse’s trust by discussing different burial options. Here is everything you should consider when approaching this topic when with your spouse –

1. Set Aside Time For The Discussion

You have a hectic life, and there are too many things to do daily. Even so, set some time aside and initiate the conversation to express your final wishes with your loved ones. Waiting for someone else to bring it up or putting it off is a mistake you should avoid as it only leads to delay.

Setting aside quiet time is also essential as you don’t want this delicate conversation interrupted. Perhaps you can schedule a date night and have a babysitter take the kids or put off having the conversation until after the kids are in bed. To avoid interruption, you will need significant time to sort everything out.

2. Talk About The Advantages

Most people are unaware of the countless details and choices involved in funeral planning. After all, it’s not something people commonly discuss. Making decisions and doing paperwork during simple burial services or cremations is stressful. It can add fuel to an already challenging time.

So inform your spouse and children that you worry for their well-being. You wish to spare them the financial and logistical burdens of making final arrangements. Tell your parents that you want to be there for your family during their needs. Making funeral arrangements in advance is a genuine act of compassion and love.

3. Adjust The Conversation As Necessary

It is best to have some ideas of what you want to discuss before bringing up such things. Even so, it’s crucial to adapt the conversation as new topics arise. These different ideas can reveal new information, leading to an even more rewarding experience.

The discussion of memorialization might be to achieve a goal. While doing this, you should also treasure the time you spend with your loved ones, learning about their lives. You’ll discover new things about your closest people that you would never have had an opportunity to do so.

4. Listen To Your Loved One’s Wishes

Conversations are most meaningful when both parties feel that the other respects their opinions. So listen to your loved one’s insights rather than rushing through the topics you’d like. Discuss and explore all the options to show them that you value their preferences, concerns and stories.

Try to ask open-ended questions to encourage a thorough conversation. Avoid straightforward “yes” or “no” questions. They can limit your understanding of the other’s true wishes. This strategy promotes a more meaningful conversation.

5. Discuss More Than Once

As you plan out your funeral, you can obviously have a change of heart. So, don’t be afraid to talk to your loved ones about it. It’s very natural to change your mind about how your funeral is going to take place. And your loved ones would undoubtedly be happy to change arrangements knowing that they are given the opportunity to do the best they can for you.

And if you are discussing someone else’s funeral, then know that they have the full right to change their decisions midway. And it is in everyone’s best interest to respect their new wishes in the last days of their lives.


You might be planning to make your and your loved one’s funeral arrangements with Strouf Funeral Home. But discussing this topic with your loved one can be difficult. Even though it’s hard, you must consider whether they prefer cremation services or burial services.

We have shared all the tips to initiate the discussion with your loved one. And we sincerely hope that this write up comes to your aid. Thanks for reading till now!