Deciding between burial or cremation is an incredibly personal decision, with many factors influencing your decision, like personal beliefs, faith, and cost. While many people don’t like thinking about death, pre-planning is one of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones, ensuring they can meet your final wishes. If you’re on the fence and can’t decide whether you would prefer a burial or cremation, this article will provide you with information that can help make the decision easier.


One of the most significant deciding factors for many when choosing their final resting plans is cost since many want to avoid burdening their families financially. Included with cremation are the cremation itself, an urn, and an optional crypt or vault, while a burial entails embalming, casket or coffin, transportation for the deceased, and opening and closing of the grave. There will also be viewing and memorial fees, family transportation, and other miscellaneous charges included in both choices.

Environmental Impact

For those concerned with sustainability, there are no widely accepted studies on whether burial or cremation is better for the environment. Cremation proponents point to the lack of biodegradability in caskets and embalming chemicals’ impact on the environment, while burial supporters believe cremation releases pollutants into the air. Either way, both burial and cremation have been used since the beginning of time without any noticeable adverse environmental effects.

Religious Beliefs

One of the most common determinants when deciding between burial or cremation surrounds religious beliefs. The vast majority of Christian denominations allow cremations, including the Catholic Church, which requires the remains to be buried if cremation is chosen. The Jewish faith has forbidden cremation in the past, but some offshoots are now allowing it. The Muslim faith completely forbids cremation, while Hinduism and Buddhism require it.

Personal Preference

When all is said and done, the decision between burial and cremation comes down to your personal preference. For some, the act of cremation is frightening and makes them feel uneasy; others are uncomfortable with the idea of burial. There’s no wrong choice for your final resting decision; as long as it’s what you want, it’s the right decision!

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