Most people try to start the coming year by making resolutions to help them develop or improve themselves. Why not start with a new year’s resolution to prepare for your family’s future financial needs this time? It may not be a pleasant thought, but there are many reasons you should preplan your funeral for the new year!

Preplanning a funeral relieves the burden of final arrangements on surviving family members during a difficult emotional moment. When you organize things on your own, you get the service you want at a price that works for you.

We at Strouf Funeral Home understand the importance of preplanning for burial and cremation services. So, here we will discuss all you need to know on the topic. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Should You Start Preplanning for Your Funeral? 

To ease the burden of surviving relatives, it’s best to take care of funeral preparations ahead of time.

There is no need to put off making preparations if you have given the idea some thought, especially because of the following reasons:

1. It’s Never Pleasant to Think about, But it’s Always Important

It’s not pleasant to anticipate or prepare for one’s death, yet it’s inevitable. You’ll still need to answer the same questions concerning funeral arrangements even if it happens when you’re at a ripe old age of 100. Therefore, as you get older, you might think of your pre planning as a present to your loved ones.

To make things easier on your loved ones when the time comes, you can sit down with your chosen provider and establish a detailed plan. It will give your family members peace of mind knowing that your desires are being carried out and that all the information they need is in one place.

2. Allows Everyone to Discuss the Matter

All too often, loved ones pass away without discussing final wishes. Neither the offspring nor the spouse knows the exact wishes of the deceased, leaving the family to speculate. Planning is a great way to kick off the conversation, which is crucial for these reasons. For one, it aids everyone in giving their opinions on the matter, reducing the emotional strain of mourning.

They won’t have to deal with the stress of organizing a funeral, wake, or other ceremonies when they feel so down. They’ll feel at ease knowing they’re honoring you properly and can give their full attention to the celebrations without worrying about making anything go wrong. By preparing ahead of time, you can also reduce financial stress.

3. You can make financial preparations

Even with careful budgeting, funerals are an expense and preplanning can help with it.

Making funeral arrangements ahead of time allows you to estimate final expenses and set aside funds accordingly. As soon as you have an estimate of the costs associated with your funeral, you may start making preparations; for example, opening a bank account that will be paid out to the beneficiaries upon your passing.


When did you last give your funeral a thought? If you don’t want to, you’re not alone, as it can be unpleasant. But for those who love their family and want their passing to be as easy on them as possible, preplanning is a must.

We at Strouf Funeral Home aim to spread awareness on such a harsh topic so that more people might be interested to preplaning their burial and cremation services.