Before the time comes, you should talk to your loved ones about their final wishes. Since death is always uncertain, it is better to talk about such things as soon as possible. But having a conversation about death with loved ones is harder than one may anticipate.

You should approach it in a precise way and also clear up some things while you are at it. You can get in touch with Strout Funeral Home if you live close to Racine, Wisconsin. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about talking to your loved ones about final wishes.

Why Talking About Final Wishes Is Important?

It can be emotionally challenging to make important decisions while grieving the loss of a loved one. By discussing their funeral in advance with your mother, father, friend, or anyone else you care about, you spare your family the burden of having to make difficult choices during trying times.

Thus, preparation brings peace of mind. Furthermore, such conversations give the elderly in your life a sense of control over their lives, even in their final times. Finally, the cost of funeral services is constantly increasing. When you plan for a funeral, you reduce your financial burden by locking in today’s prices, ensuring that your loved ones receive the proper send-off.

How To Talk To Your Loved Ones About Their Final Wishes?

There is no set way to approach these discussions. But these types of discussions become much easier when the person is in good health. So always try to discuss post-death wishes when your loved ones are still full of life, not when they are terminally ill.

Furthermore, everyone reacts differently to sensitive topics, so tailor your approach to the person’s anticipated reaction. Here’s how you can respectfully approach such discussions:

  1. Take an indirect approach. After discussing death in general, ask open-ended questions such as, “Have you ever thought about your final send-off?” You can also mention someone’s recent death and subsequent funeral service to help steer the conversation in the right direction.
  2. Empathy is a powerful motivator. Inform your loved ones that when the time comes, you want to be able to properly honor their memory. You wish to do so by fulfilling their final wishes.
  3. An open approach can make it easier to discuss difficult topics such as one’s death. If you involve your personal preferences, the discussion becomes a lot easier. you can do so by expressing your funeral preferences.
  4. A straightforward approach may be appropriate if your family speaks openly. try arranging a formal gathering where you can talk freely about such matters.
  5. Seeking professional advice is sometimes the best option. Suggest consulting a funeral director or consultant in your area to talk about the final wishes of your loved one.

What Should Ask Your Loved One When Discussing Final Wishes?

You can talk about lots of things when discussing the final wishes of your loved ones. However, there are some things that you must clear out before making any decisions. Here are those:

1. Cremation, Burial, Or Something Else

One of the first decisions you must make is what your loved one wants to do with their body. It may seem too morbid to ask or discuss. But most people have some sort of plan for what they want to do with their bodies.

Burial, taking cremation service, donating body parts to patients or for scientific research, etc. there are lots of options available. You should research these options and share them with the person you are talking about for the final wish. When the decision of what they want to do with the body is made, the rest of the discussion and the subsequent procedure becomes easier.

2. Traditional Or Exceptional

Many people are incorporating the favorite aspects of their lives into their final goodbyes like no other. On the other hand, many are opting for traditional approaches. When it comes to services, the sky’s the limit nowadays, and hosting events at extravagant places is becoming more common. So, ask your loved ones what their final wish is.

If they like tradition, they might prefer a normal funeral service and view for your family. If they prefer to do things a little differently, they can hold a memorial service, a celebration of life, or a gathering in a location meaningful to you or your family.

3. The Size Of The Gathering

A large gathering is common at funerals nowadays. Your loved ones, especially if they are very old, may not know of these. So, discussing the size of the gathering can be fruitful and can give your beloved a truly deserving send-off.

Have a discussion with them and find out if they prefer a large or small gathering. If your loved ones are part of any type of group, discuss if they would want members of that group to attend the funeral.

4. Wishes After Death

Wishes after death are important. Such wishes can include both activities during the funeral and after it. Your loved ones may want certain music to play at their funeral, or want everyone to dress in a specific way, or want a specific type of flower.

Nowadays, many want donations instead of flowers as it directly helps the family members of the deceased. Ask your loved ones if they have any such requests.

5. If There Is Any Preferred Funeral Home

You need a good funeral service provider to fulfill all the wishes of your loved ones. Many funeral homes will take the contract but will not deliver on time or the right things. Ask your loved ones if they have any preferences.

If you reside in Racine, Wisconsin, you can consider Strout Funeral Home. Our racine funeral homes will try their best to ensure each and every one of your final wishes are met.


Although it can be difficult, you should talk to your loved ones about whether they want cremation or burial or any specific things that involve their funerals.

It’s difficult, that’s why we have discussed the ways you can talk about such matters without making things awkward. Strout Funeral Home is always at your service for such matters. Contact us to get a quote.