You’ve probably heard of or encountered a funeral director without knowing. The grieving process is usually daunting to navigate, especially if it’s up to you to make all the funeral arrangements. In such times, you need a professional caregiver to express your emotions and help you grieve properly. Learn more about funeral directors and the role they play in society.

Who is a funeral director?

Funeral directors are trained personnel who manage funeral arrangements, from providing technical services concerning body preparation, presentation, care, and final disposition of the deceased. Besides working with funeral homes, funeral directors can be hired through memorial societies, mortuaries, or alternative funeral service organizations. A funeral director is typically educated at an undergraduate and a mortuary college. Most states require funeral directors to serve an internship and pass the state board examinations before they are licensed. To manage a funeral home, one has to acquire a funeral director’s license.

What role does a funeral director play?

A funeral director oversees, directs, and coordinates funeral services such as preparation of the body, visitation, funeral service, burials, and cremations, while still providing advice and caring support to the deceased’s family and friends. Below are some of the important roles of a funeral director.

They’re there for you: Funeral directors are trained and have the necessary experience needed to help grieving families. They know how to offer the appropriate counsel and comfort and help host the funeral, allowing the family and friends to grieve.

They handle administrative tasks: Funeral directors are also administrators; they meet with families to pre-arrange funerals and ensure funeral homes run smoothly.

They plan the funeral: Through consultation with family and friends of the deceased, funeral directors plan the actual funeral.

Arrange funeral service: A funeral director will arrange the service, ensure everyone knows their duties, and finally lead the funeral cortege to the burial site.

The primary goal of funeral directors is to help families and friends with their grieving process. Let us help you respectfully remember your loved ones. Contact Strouf Funeral Home for your funeral and memorial service needs.