What do you get when you combine love, loss and the search for closure? Everyone has experienced someone close to them passing away or later in their life. It can be a difficult time for many people as they try to find closure after a loss.

However, selecting a custom headstone or urn may help by providing a lasting tribute to your loved one’s memory. This post offers advice on how to choose what’s right for you and your loved one.

The Importance of Grief and Closure

When a loved one passes away, it can be difficult for their living family and friends to find closure in their lives. However, having custom headstones and urns can help keep the memory of a loved one alive while also providing closure, peace and comfort during the grieving process for the people left behind.

What Are Cremation Urns?

Cremation urns refer to holding containers for cremated remains that are buried or placed into some sort of memorial structure after a short time. Some people prefer to have their cremated loved one’s ashes spread.

Others wish to keep them in an urn for various reasons, such as traveling with it or keeping the urn safely at home. An urn can range from a simple wood or plastic box to something more intricate and decorative.

What are Memorial Stones?

Memorial stones are very similar to custom headstones and urns, except for one major difference. They are flat in shape rather than a 3-dimensional form carved out of stone or bronze. You can place them into a bed of flowers or another type of decorative location.

Since they are flat, it’s easier to engrave them in various ways to feature the name, dates of birth and death, plus any other information you wish to put on it.

What Are Custom Headstones?

A custom headstone consists of a 3-dimensional form carved out of granite, marble, bronze, concrete or other type of decorative materials.

A custom headstone generally features the name and date and various options such as a poem, quotation or other written eulogy. Some people choose to have their loved ones’ faces carved on the stone.

Custom Headstones and Urns – the Better Option

Although some people may feel that memorial stones or cremation urns can be sufficient to preserve a loved one’s memory, there is something special about having a custom headstone or urn made that also honors a person’s life in the process.

Some people prefer having an established memorial, such as a bed of flowers with a memorial stone placed into it. Others choose to have their loved one’s ashes placed in cremation urns or buried under memorial stones, though they are a little more expensive than the other options.

Looking for a Custom Headstone or Urn?

If you would like to have a custom headstone made to honor your loved one try to preview some of the different options online as well as think about the information you might like on the stone before you meet with the funeral director. .  At Strouf Funeral Home and Services you’ll be provided with expert and thoughtful guidance and a fair price. Contact us for assistance today.