Preplanning a funeral is not something many people think of. But with in-depth understanding, getting the proper resources, and contacting funeral homes you will see that there are many benefits of preplanning a funeral. Strouf Funeral Home understands that it is not easy for someone to plan their funeral. It can be quite a difficult concept to grasp fully.

Although it is not a commonly discussed topic, preplanning a funeral is not as challenging as it may sound. When you learn more about the process of preplanning a funeral, you can see that there are multiple benefits associated with it. Nonetheless, you can also have complete control of the way you wish to be remembered by your family and loved ones.

Five Benefits You Can Get By Preplanning A Funeral

The prospect of preplanning a funeral can differ from one person to the other. It can be a simple, natural decision that you feel like taking. Simultaneously, preplanning a funeral can also come from facing a fatal illness or physical condition.

Regardless of the situation, there are many benefits of preplanning a funeral. Some of them are elaborated as follows.

Choose The Way You Want To Be Remembered

One of the biggest benefits of preplanning a funeral is that the person can choose the way that they want to be remembered. It is natural to not think about a person’s funeral. Regardless of everything, it is also natural that you will eventually have to get your own. So, it is a practical decision for adults to make.

In this way, a person can have full authority over the way they wish to stay alive in the hearts of their family and loved ones. At the same time, preplanning a funeral can give them complete control over arranging the last rites, ceremonies, etc. according to their preferences. In this way, you can fully arrange and choose the way to be remembered by everyone.

Following Your Final Wishes

Another major advantage of preplanning a funeral is allowing your loved ones to follow your final wishes. Naturally, a person’s wishes may change from time to time. For the younger generation, determining your last wish can be incredibly difficult and ultimately impractical. However, you can design your funeral with elements that you hold dear.

Hence, this allows your funeral to be more meaningful and impactful for your loved ones. You can choose the memory, funeral music, and many other features associated with your funeral. In case you have your final wishes set, you can also arrange for that in your funeral services. So, in this way you can follow your final wishes by preplanning a funeral.

Flexible Options For Prearranging Funerals

When you are preplanning a funeral, you always have the option of flexibility and making thoughtful decisions. This becomes almost impossible when you have to arrange funerals suddenly. In the sudden arrangement of funerals, the options are almost always rigid. So, when you are prearranging a funeral, you can enjoy the advantage of flexibility.

You can design the last ceremony, rites, and performances for your funeral when you preplan for it. It gives you room for thinking through the funeral. Similarly, it also allows your funeral plans to be flexible. Even if you make a decision, you can alter it according to your needs and preferences. So, flexibility is a major advantage of preplanning a funeral.

Making It Easier For Your Family

After the death of a family member, friend, or loved one, arranging a funeral for them can be an incredibly difficult task. Because, immediately after the death of a dear one, there remain several duties and activities that are mandatory to carry out asides from arranging a funeral. So, for such times, a preplanned funeral can be a big relief.

Also, making decisions related to the funeral can be very difficult for your loved ones. Making all these arrangements while processing the loss of a loved one and the grief associated with that can be very painful. So, we can relieve them from it by preplanning a funeral. In this way, their pain can be lessened up to a certain degree.

Having A Meaningful Closure

Having an appropriate closure can be significant and impactful for a person to heal from loss and suffering. Especially, when it comes to dealing with the loss of a loved one, having a proper closure can be very impactful. By preplanning a funeral, a person can ensure that their family and loved ones are getting the necessary closure.

You can turn the grim and sorrowing atmosphere of a funeral a lot better by making it a celebration of your journey. In this way, you can express your love, gratitude, and admiration for the people around you. Your family can also reflect on your achievements, your journey, and your success stories. This can allow them to have a meaningful closure.

What To Consider For Pre-Arranging A Funeral?

There is no fixed answer to what a person should consider before arranging a funeral. However, some important factors associated with preplanning a funeral should be brought into careful consideration. It is completely natural to have many questions and queries related to the pre-arrangement of a funeral.

One of the most essential elements to consider is the cost of the funeral. You should have a clear understanding of the charges for different funeral services and preplanning a funeral. Make sure to look into average costs for pre arranging a funeral.

Similarly, you can also consider joining a memorial society to learn more about preplanning a funeral. In this way, you can hone some direct experience and learn more about it. Before making a decision, make sure to go over its pros and cons carefully. In case you have any queries, do not hesitate to reach out.


A preplanned funeral can bear multiple benefits for you and your family. In times of loss and great distress, pre-planned funerals can significantly lessen the pain of your loved ones. Strouf Funeral Home is here to answer your questions related to preplanning a funeral.

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