Mourning the passing of a loved one is never easy, but taking the time of year into account when you plan the celebration of their life ensures that you shouldn’t have any additional surprises in the midst of your grief. There are several factors to consider for yourself and your guests when planning your service by the season.


With the sting of winter still in the air and the potential for muddy or uneven surfaces, an indoor ceremony may be best for early spring. An outdoor ceremony may be the more pleasant option later in the season, potentially eliminating the need for a procession between the service and a burial. With flowers blooming all around, guests can offer their condolences with your loved one’s favorite blossoms. If you do elect to have an outdoor ceremony, be sure to make the necessary arrangements for the space and discuss possible inclement weather plans.


An outdoor ceremony may seem the obvious choice in the summer, but if you have any small children or elderly guests, the heat may pose a danger. Selecting a venue with a shaded area or tent for your outdoor ceremony will ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable. If you are willing to move away from the traditional black dress code, let your guests know that they can opt for lighter colors and more breathable fabrics in the heat.


The temperate days of early fall are largely suited to outdoor ceremonies for the celebration of the fullness of your loved one’s life. You need not worry about the sweltering heat of summer, though you may need to look into the forecast as the number of rainy days increases. Late fall will bring a chill, so ensure that whether your ceremony is indoor or outdoor, you and your guests dress accordingly.


With snow on the ground and possible icy conditions creating slip hazards, an outdoor ceremony would be cold and potentially dangerous for you and your guests. At Strouf Funeral Home, we offer an indoor space and support for several styles of funeral services, including traditional religious and non-religious ceremonies. We also have celebrants on staff to aid you with your ceremony if requested.
The thought of losing a loved one is painful, and we are here to support your decision-making in your time of grief. Contact us for your funeral service needs and pre-planning services to ease your burden when the unfortunate day comes.