The process of grieving the departure of a loved one is usually about finding closure. Closure allows healing to take place and in the process, you are able to let go of the grief and instead celebrate their life. A celebration of life is an end of life ceremony held in place of a traditional funeral service. The occasion happens after cremation or burial, and instead of focusing on the tremendous loss, people celebrate the life of the deceased. Unlike traditional funeral services which are usually engulfed by a somber mood, the mood is more joyful.

There are many activities that can mark a proper celebration of life. Here are a few ideas that you can consider:

Sharing of Beautiful Memories

Sharing beautiful and meaningful stories and memories of loved ones lost triggers all sorts of emotions, from tears to laughter. This makes the healing process much more bearable and the closure more promising.

Meaningful Music

The impact of music on the human soul needs no explaining. During difficult moments, it is sometimes the only way of holding our hearts together. You can ask every guest to contribute a song that best sums up their relationship with the deceased, or put together a playlist to be played during the service.

Planting a Garden

Planting a beautiful garden as a way of celebrating life stems from the idea of life being circular. It symbolizes the beautiful and memorable life that the departed lived.

Planning a Lantern Release

In many western cultures, lantern release has become more of a regular trend. It involves writing thoughts and prayers in paper lanterns and letting them float away. There is a similar impact on balloons, but due to environmental concerns, people opt for lantern release instead.

We Can Help

The idea of death, despite being an eventuality, is always hard to deal with. But when death arrives, a departed soul needs a proper send-off. At Strouf Funeral Home, we understand how hard losing a loved one can be, but are here to help make things uplifting and positive while still caring for your and your family’s needs. Contact us to discuss service options today.