When planning a memorial service, you may want to include a photo board or digital photo slideshow to honor the life your loved one lived. Choosing the right pictures can be overwhelming. Our expert memorial planners put together this list of things to consider to simplify the process.

1. Make it collaborative

Give everyone in the family a say in what photos should be used, including children. This helps avoid conflict and keeps you from using a photo someone may dislike. It also ensures that all the deceased’s loved ones are represented equally.

2. Choose pictures that truly represent them

Do you have a picture of your loved one doing the thing they enjoyed most? Maybe there are photos from their favorite vacation? Photos that demonstrate who they were and the things they held most dear are the best way to honor their memory.

Other photos to include are those that highlight milestones in their lives. Events like their wedding, a picture of them holding their children or something from a favorite job or military service are great options.

3. Avoid problem pictures

Do not include unflattering pictures or those that include the ex they never talked to again. Consider how your loved one would have wanted to be remembered. The photos you choose should evoke positive memories for everyone present.

4. Check quality

If you are picking photos that will be enlarged, double-check the quality. Old photos can be grainy, and you’ll want to skip blurry ones taken with an old camera. If you’re making a board, then you can include lower-quality photos in a smaller format to ensure they are clear.

5. Limit large group photos

Limit the number of photos in which your loved one is just a face in a large crowd. The majority of photos should feature the deceased front and center.

Like all funeral arrangements, picking out photos can be a little challenging. It can take time and it can add to the pressure you face at this difficult time. Let us reduce your stress by guiding you through the process of designing a memorial service that genuinely honors your loved one. Contact Strouf Funeral Home today.