The National Funeral Directors Association predicts that by 2040 nearly 87% of people will opt for cremation instead of a casket burial. As the number of people choosing cremation rises, so do the options for what to do with cremated remains.

Many people decide to go a traditional route, such as burying the urn, placing it in a vault or displaying it at home, but this may not suit everyone. Here we’ve gathered a few creative ideas for what to do with cremated remains to help you choose the best way to honor your loved one.

1. Memorial jewelry

Turning your loved one’s ashes into jewelry can be a beautiful way to keep them close to you. Whether you choose a ring, a necklace or bangle, you can wear it and feel the presence of your loved one with you all the time.

2. Travel

If your loved one was a travel enthusiast, there is no more perfect final gift you can give them than taking their ashes on a trip to their favorite destinations. Maybe they had a location in mind for their remains to be spread, or maybe there was a place they always wanted to go but didn’t make it. You can fulfill their dreams by taking them there one last time.

3. Have them rest in a place they loved

Spreading your loved one’s ashes in their favorite place, especially somewhere they made memories, can help keep those memories alive. Whether it’s the beach, the football pitch, the garden in the backyard or the river they loved to fish in, taking time to reflect on who they were and the places they treasured can help you find peace. This will also give you a place to visit and remember them in the future.

Keep in mind that different areas have different ordinances and laws about the spreading of cremated remains. It’s vital to seek permission where necessary beforehand.

4. Get a commemorative tattoo

Getting a tattoo in honor of your loved one is a common practice today. However, you can make it extra special by incorporating your loved one’s cremated remains into the ink. Working with the combination of ink and ashes can be challenging, so it’s best to find an artist who is experienced with these types of tattoos. The resulting tattoo will be a memorial to your loved one that you can carry with you forever.

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