It is hard to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. Unfortunately, death is inevitable for us all, and it is never easy when we lose someone. One of the crucial parts of dealing with this eventuality is to give your loved one a proper send off. Green caskets and urns are an emerging trend that allows you to reconnect with nature and the elements. Let’s take a look at these two options.

Green Urns

Urns are vessels used to hold the ashes of the departed. When searching for an urn, finding something that is eco-friendly and biodegradable can honor both your loved one and the environment. Green urns are made of organic materials: no metal, dyes, plastics, adhesives and chemicals are used in their manufacture. They leave little carbon footprint compared to other urns made of plastics and metal. They are also designed to unite us with earth and are meant to merge with nature’s elements.

Green Caskets

Green caskets are another option that respects the environment. These caskets are made of natural sustainable materials which are biodegradable and non-toxic. There are different types of green caskets:

  • Woven and wicker caskets: made of fast growing plants such as banana leaves and bamboo
  • Cardboard caskets: made of biodegradable cardboard and are mostly used for green burials and cremations
  • Soft wooden caskets: made from soft trees such as pine and cider and are eco-friendly


Let Strouf Funeral Home Help

Choosing an urn or casket can be very emotional, but your funeral home director can help. As more individuals look towards environmentally-friendly options, the selection of eco-friendly urns and caskets will increase, as well. At Strouf Funeral Home, we offer a large selection of traditional caskets and urns as well as some more eco-friendly options. Contact us and we will help find the right casket or urn for you today.