Suzanne (Sue) Marie Larson née Naleid born September 15, 1929.  Sue was a very extraordinary person and a gem.  There are no words to describe how she loved life and having fun doing so. Her wishes were not to list clubs, past jobs or relatives.  She wanted to be remembered for the person she was, and if you knew her, you would know who that person was. She was one who loved her family dearly and did everything she could for them. She loved dolls, collecting dolls and going to doll shows.  She loved going shopping, to the movies and eating out.  She loved going to different places and events.  She loved watching the Packers.  She loved dancing.  She loved gardening.  She loved cats.  She loved Danish bakery.  She loved living in Racine and Lake Michigan. She loved doing things with the grandchildren and great grandchildren. She loved Alice in Wonderland and collecting Alice in Wonderland things. And on that note here is quote for you:

“The secret, Alice, is to surround yourself with people who make your heart smile.  “It’s then, only then, that you will find Wonderland.” The Mad Hatter – Lewis Carroll

Well, Sue has found her type of “Wonderland” with family members and friends that have passed, the angels and most importantly our Heavenly Father!