Millicent Lee Morris was born on June 9, 1968.  She was the first child born to Delores and James Morris, making the hard working couple a family. Millicent changed their lives, showing early signs of intelligence in school. As a show to her being multifaceted in addition to her good grades, teachers referred to her as a busy bodied scatter-brain.

Millicent accepted Christ at an early age, and was raised in the Church of God in Christ. She attended church functions at a minimum of 3 times weekly at services filled with music and loud praises to the Lord.

After graduating from the 8th grade at Sutherland School, a prominent grammar school in Beverly, she went on to attend Lindblom High School on 61st and Wolcott, 2 buses from home.

It was during this phase in her life where she discovered teenage freedom and mastered the social scene with both her Caucasian and African American friends.  She even hosted a party bringing both races together, called the Big Bash of Beverly Hills, and this is exactly what it was

When she graduated from High School, she enrolled in classes at Daley College, and she obtained a job at Mr. How, a DIY store before the days of Home Depot. It was located right near the college and she would get there in her yellow Suzuki Samurai, a small Jeep, and the coolest car in the neighborhood.

Millicent enjoyed several great employment opportunities, including at Pearle Vision Center, where she was an Optician.

While in her twenties, Millicent 1st became a mother to Heaven Leigh, who passed away in her sleep. Then in the 90s, Millicent reconnected with her high school sweetheart, Alfred White, and they had a child together, Mariah White, born on March 13, 1991. Next she gave birth to Milleniah, who passed away from SIDS at 6 months.

As her child grew older, Millicent decided she would do better in Wisconsin, and she often traveled back and forth between state lines.  She also married a lawyer, Ugo Asobie, & on May 27, 1999, she had her second surviving child Milaysiah Asobie.

    Millicent also started to develop a serious love for cooking during this time, as she worked in restaurants and the facilities where she lived. She also helped her mother prepare some of the biggest dishes on Thanksgiving. Millicent is most famous in her family for her Macaroni and Cheese. Most recently, she had a new apartment in Racine, Wisconsin and she was enrolled in culinary school. Where she was doing her best to raise her baby girl Millayiah Banks, whom is 14 & was born October 10,2009.

Millicent took her last breath on April 5, 2024 at 4:45pm.  She was 55. Her daughters, her mother and her family were there to say goodbye as she was welcomed into Heaven.

Millicent is preceded in death by her father, James Morris, her daughters Heaven Leigh and Milleniah, her sister Monique Speight, her half brother Stanley Morris and her cat Tiki.

She leaves behind her mother Delores Morris, her sister Krystal Morris, her daughters Mariah White-Craan, M.A. (Kirk Craan),  Milaysiah Asobie and Millayiah Banks, and six grandchildren:  Robert Adrian Askew, Ayva L. Askew, Kai’Elle Craan, Kiriah M. Craan, Loyalty Morrison and Nahim Morrison. Also, a host of cousins, aunts and uncles on both sides of her family, and a host of friends that Millicent considered her family.

May Millicent Morris rest in peace, as her mission on Earth, has been fulfilled.