Hello, my name is John Robert Rhoton. I was born on February 18, 1956 in Waukegan, Il. My life consisted of being the biggest cheese head fan. During a game, I yelled and cheered the Packer’s on to show what a proud “Packer Backer” fan I was. Every year on the Fourth of July, I thrived on being a proud American. Also, I enjoyed working in the food service industry, for 25 years serving as a Sous Chef for Aramark and Compass Group.To my immediate family; just remember, I will be watching over you! To my loving brother Dan Anderson and his children, Morgan, Maddison (Jake) Mraz and their children, McKinley and Amelia Mraz; Nick (Alyssa) Smith and his children; Liam, Lillieann, and Maddie. Thanks for having my back. It’s been a pleasure having you as part of my family.To my sister, Angela Anderson, and son Shawn, I will miss your Saturday morning wake up calls.To my sister Jacki (Chuck) Coulman and children Amanda Welton, Christina (Don) Welch, Brittany Coulman and their children; Jameson Welton, Elizibeth and Payton Coulman,we had a lot of love that we shared even though we were miles apart.To my life long partner, Martin Vargas, I’ll never forget how I met you through Shirley and BeBe. Thank you for 15 wonderful years.To the Vargas family, thank you for welcoming me to the family. I would like to give my thanks to the following family members in which my memories will live on: Cherry Garrity, Al “Patches” Arneson, Val Thurman (Otto) “smooches”! Hope and Ramiro Moreno, Gloria Coronado, Sara Espinoza, Jaime Vargas, and Mama Vargas: Thanks for putting up with me and setting me straight (ha, ha) and remember ” if you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me.”To my loving mom, Shirley and two sisters, Hazel and Lori and to Papa Vargas, “Let’s rule the heavens together ” as of July 3, 2014”To my “Watha” people: Teri, Tammy, Pam, Susan and the “chipper”, I take with me great times and I thank you for your respect and love.To my co-workers, Vicki, Deb, Sue F., Katie; I will take with me all your love and support. I will not forget you. You are all special and It’s been a pleasure working side by side.Finally, come celebrate my life with my family and with Martin and his family.The Celebration begins @ 2:00pmJuly 12, 2014Blessed Be!John;